Sameday Services

These are generally known as courier services. This is where a vehicle is booked to collect goods from point  A and take them to point B. This is the most reliable of services because the driver who collects the goods is the one that delivers them; therefore we are always in contact with your parcel. Because this is a dedicated service you will pay by the mile or by the hour. The greater the distance, the more it costs, or the larger the vehicle the more it costs.

There is an alternative, it is cheaper, but has more risks attached to it.

Overnight Parcel Services

Overnight parcel services differ in two fundamental ways from the Sameday Service outlined above; note that these points apply to any overnight carrier and not just Xen Couriers’ services.

First, it is a consolidated service, i.e. your parcel will travel with other parcels and will change hands many times before it reaches its destination and second, charges are by weight and time of delivery as opposed to the distance travelled.

The service charges are by delivery time, that means that for most destinations in the country you can request a delivery to be made by 09.00, 10.00, 1200 or by 1700 hours the next day – the earlier the service you request, and greater the weight , the more expensive the charge.

Listed below are some important points to take into consideration when booking an overnight:

  • This is a consolidated service; therefore we are not in contact with your parcel at all times. There is online tracking but this will only tell you where and when your parcel was last scanned; it will not tell you where it is now.
  • Our overnight parcel services have a proven track record with virtually 99% of parcels delivered on time; however, we would recommend using our Sameday service for vital tender or other documents or items that may be potentially worth very substantial sums of money, or for legal documents where the consequences of late delivery may not be measured in cost alone. There is no insurance available to cover consequential loss.
  • As all freight is transported by road, items can be delayed due to adverse weather or traffic conditions.
  • There can be no guarantee on timed deliveries – but deliveries later than the requested time will be charged at a reduced rate appropriate to the actual time delivered. There is a very good record with timed deliveries, but if it absolutely has to be there before 9am and not a minute later then you should probably consider using a dedicated courier service.
  • If a delivery on a pre-09.00 or pre-10.00 service is attempted and for some reason cannot be completed (e.g. the premises are closed); a second attempt will be made that day at some point during office hours (normally a second attempt will be made before 12.00, but this is not guaranteed)
  • Valuable items should be insured. Some items may not be insurable; money, jewellery, glass, etc (please see our terms and conditions for more details).
  • There can be no insurance for consequential or economic loss (e.g. late delivery of documents that means a particular deal falls through)
  • To significantly reduce potential damage; items should be packed in their original packaging. In some cases extra packaging may be necessary. Maximum weight of any 1 individual item is 25 kilos and a maximum of 10 items per consignment.
  • Lids on document/ storage boxes should be securely taped or zip tied closed.
  • Documents should be in secure envelopes.
  • These parcels may be mechanically sorted; therefore please do not attach a smaller item to a larger one. It’s better to send two separate parcels.
  • Please make sure that all items have a full contact name, complete address, and telephone number on them. Please Note: P.O. Box numbers are for the Post Office and do not constitute a full address.
  • Items are routed by postcode, so please make sure that this is complete and accurate.
  • Overnight parcel services to local destinations, or very heavy or bulky consignments, maybe cheaper to send sameday; please check with one of our staff if you are in doubt.
  • Tracking a parcel is useful so parcels get scanned en route, however, a scan only tells you where the parcel was last, it doesn’t necessarily tell you where it is now.
  • Address labels do not always stick firmly to rough or textured surfaces. Please use baggage labels if you are in doubt. Examples of these types of items are suitcases, hold-alls, conference kits and briefcases.


We don’t want to scare you off using Overnight parcel services, however if a delivery absolutely has to get to its destination on time, no matter what, or if it is irreplaceable, you may be better advised using our Sameday service. If you accept a 1-2% chance that it may get delayed or on rare occasions sometimes damaged or lost, then Overnight parcel services may be the right service to use.


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