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It’s not often we see some courier magic on The Gadget Show, but this week a new solar bike got the hot spot.

Something I’d be totally in to if it wasn’t for the fact that here in the UK we don’t actually get much sun.

It’s quite a revolutionary idea. We’ve had eyes on cargo bikes for some time now. They can carry a bigger load than a normal bike and are easy to get around the cities. If there was one that worked on solar power we could use as well? Talk about eco-friendly solutions. And one that was given its paces by The Gadget Shows Otis.

Green Deliveries

So what’s so good about the NTS SunCycle? Well it looks pretty good with a striking white powdercoat that is also visible at night.

With a 250w electric motor and aluminium frame on a sunny day you can ride around with pedal assist on solar power alone! The bikes are pedal assist and on low power with pedalling, the solar panel puts out more power than the motor uses. So on low power assist, you can ride as long as the sun shines. Once the sun is down, it has a 500 wh battery. Even when the sun angle is off 45 degrees it still puts out 50 watts of power. When the panel is 90 degrees to the sun on a bright day it will put out around 65 watts.

No problem with the solar power sell then. And when you’re in sunny California like Otis it’s easier to road test these things.

Shine and Go

The bike has commercial and business ideas. This month the bike is being shipped around the world with a special courier version to deliver mail in the EU. I’m not sure Xen will be getting one soon, however. It’s hardly a snip at just under £2500.

Otis, however, had nothing but good things to say about it.

Solar powered courier delivery services. It’s a nice pipe dream.

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