Electric dreams

What I’d give to get my hands on an electric Harley. Any Harley actually, but it just so happens they’ve made an electric one this week, so I think I’ll have a go of that.

It’s been dubbed the Project LiveWire and will be travelling down US’s Route 66 visiting all the Harley-Davidson dealerships along the way for the rest of the year… with pit stops for recharging along the way we’re sure.

Still a touring bike, Harley-Davidson have been developing standards and technology for electric vehicles for some time now.

But it will take a while before they come on the market and we can scoot down the street free from the need to petrol. And we have to wonder, who still the full-size electric motorcycle?

The Harley-Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain is sceptical, telling the BBC that it would really need a real engine.

Of course, the Harley will always have style. But without that oh familiar roar of the engine there’s something missing surely.

We can understand why they’ve been pushing the EV technology. Sustainability and environmental trends mean it’s part of our lifestyle. Who knows how big the electric market will eventually be?

The Chinese already have a love of electric, but the low-powered electric scooter kind. There needs to be some major investment for the electric Harley to have any long-term potential.

Anyway, it’s not on sale right now. Only a few select customers in the US will be riding it.

But a Manchester Courier can have electric dreams.

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