What Happened To Going Green?

Did anyone else feel there was something missing from this year’s budget? It’s been bugging me all week, and I think I know what it is now. Where was the green agenda?

Given recent floods and rising energy prices, green issues should surely get some key attention. As a courier service – constantly on the move – we’re all too aware of our own carbon footprint on the planet. So I for one was expecting some important changes.

What the Chancellor did do was announce a freeze to the carbon price floor at £18, a £7bn package to cut energy costs for manufacturers, support for high tech industries, a new garden city at Ebbsfleet in Kent, and £140m for flood defences. But is that really going to make an impact? Has it offered a solid green budget? I think not.

After a bit of web surfing I discovered that the Green Investment Bank will be allowed to borrow, promise new tax breaks for clean tech manufacturers, and work towards meeting ambitious long term emissions targets. So there are some good decisions being made.

But with tough new emissions targets looming there’s really no choice but to make some concessions. Meanwhile, the future of the planet will apparently have to wait until 2016 before ambitious green policies are delivered.

RenewableUK believes a decision to tilt the economics of the energy market further in favour of coal and away from clean energy could see around £4bn of renewables investment put at risk. So that’s not good news for a long-term green future.

The compensation for energy intensive industries will, however, help keep production here in the UK. But the squeeze on the pot of money set aside to support renewables will definitely put pay to progress in industries such as tidal and wind.

I just hope that we continue to develop another generation of technologies that will allow heavy industry to cut its greenhouse gas emissions. This can only be good for us all.

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