Record Breaking Courier Services

Good news for Xen. There’s never been more demand for couriers than there are today. In fact, this year there will be a record breaking 2 billion packages in 2014 as online spending boosts the courier and express delivery market. That’s a huge increase to our line of work.

Having been in business for over 30 years we are in the unique position to make things happen at Xen. Especially for those all important next day and same day deliveries that businesses might need.

Demand On Delivery

Mintel reported that in 2013, the courier and delivery market was valued at £6.62 billion (accounting for 1.83 billion packages). This year growth is expected to reach £7.1 billion – and the number of packages sent from the UK set to break the 2 billion mark to reach an impressive 2.02 billion.

So, a big boom in demand for retail and consumer goods deliveries.
Bringing a lot more competition. There are lots of consumer focused courier companies establishing themselves – but there will also be more need for couriers evolving online retail deliveries, couriers are no longer only associated with the business to business marketplace.

Retail and consumer goods make up about 39% of total goods delivered within the UK in 2013. That was only 23% in 2009 so a significant increase.

One Click Purchases

The reason for the growth is clear. It’s all about online shopping. People used to spend on the high street. Now they spend online so there’s no surprise why there’s a need to increase delivery.

Before long the traditional courier will be replaced in the main by a business to consumer market.

A Head For Figures

Mintel forecasts the market for courier and express delivery to grow a further 38% over the next five years to reach a value of £9.10 billion in 2018 – with forecast delivery of 2.80 billion packages.

Whatever the market, the key will always be speed and convenience. Next day deliveries have grown the biggest. Something Xen knows all about. In fact, the next day delivery sector increased by nearly a third (28%) from 2009 to 2013 resulting in the sector reaching a value of more than £3.4 billion in 2013. It now accounts for 68% of the total market, up from 67% in 2009.

Here’s to Xen’s feet staying firmly under the competitive courier table for a long time to come.

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