As a Manchester Courier Service Congestion is our Achilles heel. And 2014 is going to be a right corker of a year. Our drivers are braced for rush hour misery now work has begun on Upper Brook Street. So we thought it time for a transport rant.

A bit of Dutch

Sewparate bike lanes and a one-mile section open to only buses, taxis, emergency services and cyclists. That’s the brilliant plan. A £54m scheme to transform areas of Manchester into a Dutch-style cycling city. Sounds lovely, in spite of the fact it will involve us being trapped in a city centre transport hell for the foreseeable future.

On the plus side

The idea of a bike lane and a one-mile section open to only buses, taxis, emergency services and cyclists’ sounds like a great idea to be fair. The benefits of a Dutch-style city aren’t lost on the Manchester Courier. In fact we’re sure to love the end results. Who better to get about town than a cyclist?


They’ve have already begun. Our couriers have already had to contend with road works on Upper Brook Street, where United Utilities is carrying out a 12-week programme of work. And work is now also begun on Higher Cambridge Street, Lloyd Street North, Upper Lloyd Street and Claremont Road from Monday January 20.
Work we might add that was “piggybacked” on to the United Utilities work to minimise disruption.

All we know right now is that there will be a huge impact on road users… particularly business’ like ours who conduct business on the road around the North West and particularly in the city centre.

Is the end in sight?

Some work is due to finish in May, others – on the southern end of Upper Brook Street around Hathersage Road and Daisy Bank Road – may not be finished until October.

Deep breathes until then then.

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