Did You Say The Budget?

What do we think of the budget then? Are we pleased, frustrated, mad… or maybe just indifferent? It’s a bit of this and a sprinkle of that with a backdrop of ‘well we can’t do much more with this deficit and the current economic climate’, but the promise that we’ll see a difference in a few decades or so.

Fill Us Up

Of course, we’re pleased George has announced that the planned September fuel duty rise will not take place. That can only be good news for us given that we couldn’t function without filling up the tanks on a daily basis. And to be fair, fuel duty has been frozen since March 2011. It’s just a shame that the prices aren’t coming down. That’s probably a bit too much to hope for. Getting a certain confirmation that the tax won’t rise is conceivably good enough for now. A welcome announcement for commuters and couriers everywhere.

The Good and The Bad

It’s good to know that millions of taxpayers will be better off, paying about £800 a year less tax now the personal allowance has risen from £9.440 to £10,000. A double-edged sword again, given that wages haven’t been going up but the cost of living has. Still at least it’s a step in the right direction.

And good to know that Savers will now be able to put £15,000 a year in Isa’s and that there’ll be beer will go down a penny.

It’s also nice of Mr Osborne to let out pensioners have a little bit more flexibility with their own cash once they reach 65, albeit at the risk they’ll spend it all and then expect the state to support them.

Going Green?

But there’s definitely something missing. What about the climate? I was expecting to hear something on climate change knowing only because Cameron is in Brussels supporting EU-wide emissions reduction target of 40 per cent by 2030. Alas, the Budget didn’t offer any idea of how the country will try to meet tough new emissions targets. So I can only assume that there’s no sense of urgency here and that the issue has been superceded by domestic issues.

A Toss Of The Coin

There was time, however, to announce the new pound coin. It will appear in 2017 and will have 12-sides which apparently will make it near impossible to counterfeit.
A mixed bag then. And nothing that really got our engines purring.
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