A Stormy Week

It’s as if somebody’s put us in a gigantic washing machine, motorbikes and all, and shook us up and down like a courier cocktail.

If the continuing traffic issues in Manchester weren’t enough to test our metal this winter, then throwing a mother of a weather front our way certainly will.

And the windy weather is here to stay apparently.

Changing weather conditions are part of the job. And on the plus side we get a birds eye view of rush-hour chaos. At least we think that’s a plus side.

Train delays were predictable as storms tore through the city. The Metrolink went down temporarily. Services on the trains were stopped between Piccadilly and Styal in Wilmslow, Cheshire. And a number of overhead wires needed repairs. Thousands of homes in Macclesfield were left without electricity and no power.

And still, we at Xen Couriers power on. We’re like machines, on machines.

The grim, swirling visuals of gales posted across the socials weren’t enough to phase us.

A look outside at the blistering winds wasn’t enough to stop us taking on jobs.

Still, we motor through the city streets, meandering around others left in despair at cancellations, queues and breakdowns.

That’s what we do. Bring it on we said! And live to deliver for another wintery week.

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