What It Takes To Be A Motorcycle Courier

Weaving in and out of city streets day in day out with a constant ETA to collect and deliver all manner of things is a life less ordinary that’s for sure. It takes skill, trust, energy and lets face it … balls. Crikey! It’s a sport all of it’s own. Here’s what we think it takes to be a Motorcyle Courier.

Riding Skills: It goes without saying that every Courier needs to be a skilled motorcylcist. This is probably the most important requirement of all. You have to live, breathe and love motorbikes with a passion to do this job. If you don’t enjoy being in the saddle then game over!

Fitness: You’ve got to be fit and healthy. You can’t be buzzing around the city, making it from a-b in as short a time as possible if your physically out of shape.

Weather Resistant: Rain or shine, couriers still have to make the grade. And that’s no mean feat when you are on a motorbike. The weather is probably the biggest hazard for motorcycles on the road. While we have the advantage of slipping past traffic when needed, we have the disadvantage of increasing risk by driving in adverse conditions.

Initiative: You’re on your own out there. It can be a lonely place. It begins with a mission – if you choose to accept it – and then it’s all about initiative. What if there’s a road jam? What if the weather takes a turn for the worse? What if … there’s a lot of those. So it takes an independent and confident mind to do the job.

Trust: It’s what our business is built on. A personal trust that our couriers will do their very best to deliver your parcel on time in good condition.

Organisation: There’s no point trying to do this job if you haven’t got the ability to plan. You need to have some logistical skills in order to know how to get there whether you’ll be able to make it or not in the required time.

Insurance: Stating the obvious maybe but nevertheless. Most training is carried out on the job; if you do an external training course, you can work towards NVQ/SVQ Level 2 in Carry and Deliver Goods.

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