Ten More Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycles

We love a bit of trivia. Especially about our mechanical partners in courier crime, which if you’ve seen this blog before, you’ll already have gathered. So, here are a few more fun facts about our two-wheeled friend the Motorcycle.

1. Harley-Davidson built push-bikes between 1917 and 1923. And the first Harley Davidson motorcycle (1903) used a tomato can for a carburetor.

2. The longest distance riding a motorcycle in 24 hours is 2,019.4 miles. A record that was set by American L. Russell “Rusty” Vaughn at the Continental Tire Test Track, Uvalde, Texas, USA, on 10 August 2011.

3. Remember Chips? In the 1970s TV cop series starred actors Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada riding Kawasaki Z1000s with BMW fairings. But Estrada didn’t have a license, even after an eight-week course to learn how to ride.

4. Did you know that 80% of all stolen motorbikes are stolen from the owner’s property?

5. The longest motorbike in the world was over 31 feet long and build by a Russian named Oleg Rogov.

6. The world’s fastest bike is the Dodge Tomahawk and can reach a massive 350 mph!

7. When professional biker Valentino Rossi was five, his dad Graziano apparently built him a go-cart to discourage him from getting into bikes. That worked then!

8. Sadly Lawrence of Arabia was killed while riding his motorbike in Dorset. There is a small memorial still at the side of the road.

9. The name Hayabusa, as used by Suzuki, is actually a Peregrine falcon as well as a World War 2 Japanese Kamikaze fighter plane – the Nakajima Ki-43 known more widely as the Zero

10. Motorbikes lead to big things. Aside from making bikes today Kawasaki also manufacturers personal watercraft, ships, electronics, trains, helicopters, jet engines, missiles and space rockets.

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