Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycles

We love our mechanical partners in courier crime. Here are a few fun facts about our two-wheeled friend the Motorcycle.

  1. The word ‘motorcycle’ was given by inventor Edward Butler in 1885. In the same year, German engineers Daimler and Maybach built something similar, which they called the “Reigwagen”, the riding car.
  2. The TOTO motorcycle built in Japan in 2010 ran on human waste.
  3. In the Great Escape Steve McQueen didn’t make the famous 65 ft motorbike jump. An American stunt man (who also sold Triumphs) called Bud Ekins was the man who pulled it out of the bag in one take.
  4. The Vespa brand of scooter got its name from the Italian word for wasp.
  5. The first ever bike to hit the 200 mph was the supercharged 499cc NSU back in 1956.
  6. Nearly half of all accidents involving motorcycles on British roads are caused by car driver error.
  7. The World’s most popular motorcycle is the lightweight step-through Honda Super Cub, and has sold over 60 million machines over 50 years in production. This lightweight machine has a top speed of 43 mph and is built in over a dozen factories around the World. It’s a fashionable choice as the cost of motoring rises within the big cities.
  8. On average, motorbikes are twice as efficient as cars.
  9. The world’s tallest motorbike was built by George Dunham and was 11 feet tall from the ground to the handlebars.
  10. Stunt star Evil Knievel claims his first motorcycle jump was a publicity stunt to save a failing Honda dealership. He attempted to jump his bike over two mountain lions and a crate of rattlesnakes. He landed in the snakes.

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