On Yer Bike!

Yes, the sun’s out. Engines are primed. Roads are screaming to be ridden. You’ve got
to love living in the north when the spring really gets it’s feet under the table and all
you can do of a weekend is think about where you’re going to take your motorcycle
for the afternoon.

It’s a lovely time of year for the motorcycle courier. Less rain for a start. More day
light hours. And more time to enjoy the outdoors on our days off.

The number of routes to enjoy around the North West and Cheshire is endless. From
Alderley Edge to Holmes Chapel, Buxton to Congleton, Chester to Holyhead,
Natwich to Stone, Warrington to Ross on Wye. And that’s just off the top of my head.

With Cheshire in mind, one of my favourite roads has always been From Buxton to
Whaley Bridge on the A5004. The surface is great and the scenery is spectacular. Plus
there’s a great pub, The Cat & Fiddle to stop at on the way.

On the opposite side of town another biker friendly route is Greenfield to Holmfirth

A lot of our courier routes, however, take us between Manchester and Liverpool or

And fortunately there’s plenty of spots to enjoy around Merseyside.

So many choices it’s hard to know where to go. Have you got any favourite haunts?

Where are you going to ride this weekend? Let us know below.

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